Auction & Surplus Inventory Management Client Testimonials

Surplus Assets & Used Equipment Auction Clients

“(Surplus Asset Management) was nothing short of a life-saver for us. We had approximately 50 stores that needed all the equipment removed in a very short period of time. We had a vendor lined up to do the work but at the last minute they backed out. Fortunately, SAM made themselves available. From the start, John, the owner, was very calm and reassuring. He immediately setup and executed an action plan, having his crews work 24/7 until the job was completed. They coordinated moving hundreds of truckloads of equipment, cleaned out all the stores leaving each one broom swept, sorted everything, and managed all warehousing, logistics and sales of all the excess equipment. SAM Auctions is flexible, responsive, reliable, and trustworthy.

Christopher Connaughton., Purchasing/Project Manager, Fresh & Easy

“Surplus Asset Management has been our preferred used equipment source since 2004. John and Chuck Lines are highly reputable and trustworthy, and have worked hard to make us happy customers. Since 2004 we have fixturized more than 40 supermarkets and much of the equipment has come from Surplus Asset Management. What I like most about Surplus Asset Management is it feels like a family business and we have always received personalized service. At Surplus Asset Management everyone is treated with courtesy and respect, and the staff and customers appear to have a great time at each event.”

Patrick Gilliland, Chairman, Lucky’s Market

“Surplus Asset Management was an amazing company to work with. We needed a large facility emptied out and cleaned in a very short period of time and Surplus Asset Management did not disappoint us! They handled the entire process from the inventory of the building, an online and on-site auction, the sign-removal, cleaning out the entire building and outside premises, and finally supplying pictures from the final walk through. We received a detailed and organized report upon completion of the project. Tiffany and Tawnya went out of their way to make this as easy for us as possible. Throughout the process they were committed to the highest standard of professionalism, while delivering an unparalleled level of service with superior results!

Pam Parkin, Shlemmer Investments

“If you’re shopping around for auction companies to handle your surplus assets, just remember that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If someone tells you they’re going to do the job at a loss and make up for it in volume, use your common sense. You know what it takes to get the job done, so don’t choose a company that is offering to do it at an unrealistic price. They’ll just end up taking money on the backside or cutting deals with the buyers. Work with a company that is transparent, and if Surplus Asset Management is one of your options, stick with them.

Above all else, Surplus Asset Management is reliable. When you need something done, and you need it done now, John can find an honest way to do it when most others can’t.”

Steve Hagen, VP of Construction, Facilities, and Procurement, Sprouts

“Used equipment sales is a highly competitive industry where profit is often the number one priority. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are remarkably hard traits to find in this business, but Surplus Asset Management is one of the rare auction companies that possesses all three.

The story I like to share most with others about Surplus Asset Management recounts the time when they were helping us close a supermarket and the landlord offered John a large sum of money to leave the equipment in place. Most equipment removal and auction companies I’ve worked with would have just done the deal, but not Surplus Asset Management. Their integrity ‘cost’ them about 200k that day, but created a lifelong client in us.”

Steve Hagen., VP of Construction, Facilities, and Procurement, Sprouts