Hello Friends,

In my last blog post I started to tackle auction terms. Here is the second part to that blog.

Register: To bid online, first visit the SAM Auctions website. Visit the page of the auction you are interested in, view the full catalog by clicking the button, and sign up for the sale via Proxibid (a third-party service used to conduct our online sales).

Your Proxibid account can be used for all Online SAM Auctions sales.

Payment: You will need to present a paid invoice to remove any of your purchases. You must make payment by noon the day after the auction. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of your purchases and their resale to other customers, and suspension of your bidding account.

Viewing/Preview Day: Typically the day before the auctions customers are able to go to the auction location and view the equipment. As item at an auction are sold “as is where is” the preview day is important! This will offer you peace of mind to bid!

Absentee Bid: With Proxibid you can go to the auction site and place your highest bid. Then as the auctions proceeds the site will increase your bid based on the increment bidding. If the bidding goes higher than your high bid you will lose the auction. If you are not able to place a bid you can always call the office and ask for the Operations Manager and we can take your high bid and enter it into the Proxibid site on your behalf.

Equipment Removal: SAM Auctions only uses the best Equipment Removal (Rigging) teams in the country. Our teams all have a number of years of experience removing supermarket and restaurant equipment. If you do not have manpower in an area our rigging teams can help you with your pack out. The on-site team will be able to provide you with a custom quote for your removal. When you call the office to make payment ask for the contact information. (Also available on the auction site)

Shipping of Purchases: SAM Auctions is not a logistics provider. However, our on-site rigging (equipment removal) teams are able to prepare the items and make them ready for shipping. The customer will be required to set up and pay for the freight. Can I back out of a purchase? It is best to be sure you would like to purchase an item before placing a bid. By participating in the day-before preview and coming early to the auction, you can examine all available equipment and get your questions answered by our knowledgeable experts. If you are unsure about an item, it is best not to bid.

Have fun: Friends, the best part of an auction is the fun that it can be to bid on items you want to get!! The frenzy that happens around a good sale is simply fun to be part of! I would encourage you to not be intimidated by the process and enjoy the event.

This month’s quote: Employers only handle the money – it is the customer who pays the wages. – Henry Ford

If you have further questions please reach out to me. My email is scott@samauctions.com and my cell phone is 616-813-5794.

Make it the best month yet!

Scott and the TEAM at SAM Auctions