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H-E-B 2015 ModulBox MAX - Will be hidden on publish

H-E-B 2015 ModulBox MAX

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2015 ModulBox MAX
New Unit Starts at $200k
Currently only two available in the enitre United States! 

Gently used as traveling jewelry display store.
Includes tables, display racks, trailer, and hydraulic system.
Unit Closed: Approximately  7' x 10'
Trailer: Approximately 10'

For more information, contact Todd Utpadel at 507-358-8213 or email Unit will be available until sold.


Potentiate your ideas squared with our modular room-system! 
Whether you are planning an event, a retail-shop or you require a stage – with our modulbox MAX system your performance can be short-termed but nevertheless will have a long effect! When temporary architecture meets brands, uncompromising communication is possible. 

The modulbox MAX is an innovative room-system – a mobile, modular and multifunctional cube which puts itself forward everywhere and adjusts easily to your ideas. With a variety of display options, the cube is changing into a highly variable room of experience – ground floored, elegant and welcoming. Endless combination possibilities of arrangement and equipment are possible: several walls are exchangeable and can be adapted to your corporate design. 

In the twinkle of an eye the cube is changing into a representative presentation area. The combination of architecture and modern technique allows an easy set up and swift dismantling directly from the trailer – with just one person you can built it up in 45 minutes. Including weather-resistant design and lockable doors the modulbox MAX is a true all-rounder!