In an ever-changing economy, many companies can develop a distressed asset issue. The current increasing interest rate market can cause many companies to find themselves dealing with higher Interest payments on their lines of credits. Additionally, the increased line of credit payments, legal and tax issues, and bankruptcies can cause additional distressed assets.

Reduce Your Lease Footprint

If you find yourselves in a situation where you have distressed assets SAM Auctions has the experience to help you auction them off. Unproductive assets do not help your company with cash flow. However, the sale of these assets does allow for immediate cash flow and also allow you to reduce your lease footprint.

We Have the Expertise for Distressed Assets

If you are looking to close your store, we have the expertise to help you liquidate your fixed assets. If you are looking to close your warehouse or distribution center we have the industry’s premier removal teams. Our broad customer database includes some of the largest national retailers and over 30,000 active bidders.

We work with many bankruptcy trustees to help obtain the best return on your investment. Our goal is help you sell off your distressed and unproductive assets to help maximize your return for your creditors.

Let Us Help Implement a Plan

The experts at SAM Auctions would be happy to offer you no obligation, no pressure and confidential assessment of your project. We have teams located across the entire country that can be to your facilities as soon as you need us there. Our experts will also be able to help assess the value of your equipment and work closely with your teams to help determine the best way to handle your project. Once we have determined the best way forward, our experienced team will put together a project management plan that will help implement your project in the most effective way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott and the team at SAM Auctions

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