Merchandise Services

Whether you are looking to close your store, have a retirement sale, or a liquidation sale we have a solution for you.

Let Surplus Asset Management guide you through the process.

Surplus Asset Management can help you where you are located.  We have experienced teams across the country standing by to offer you a free on-site no obligation consultation!

Our Goals: 

  • Convert inventory and fixtures into profit, in a timely fashion.
  • Recover the highest value from your inventory and assets.
  • Maximize your sales and profits. Deliver your facility back to you empty and broom-swept.

Over the past 40 plus years of providing open and transparent transactions for our clients Surplus Asset Management can offer you a fully comprehensive plan to help you obtain the best return on investment.  We know how to train your current team to have a sense of urgency with the sale.  We make the process as seamless as possible for you during these difficult times.

  • Onsite Merchandise Liquidation
  • Hybrid Liquidation

Surplus Asset Management can offer you a hybrid form of liquidation.  Meaning we can start with the typical liquidation sale.  However, at the end we are able to have on-line auctions for the merchandise that does not sell at reasonable discounts.  This helps the retailer obtain the best possible sales dollars by offering the product to our industry leading on line customer list!

Surplus Asset Management has unique partnerships with vendors that allow us to work on projects big and small depending on your scope of work.

Our liquidation teams have performed millions in dollars in merchandise sales including:

  • Carter’s Supermarkets
  • Phar-More Stores
  • Century Tile

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