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Do you think experience matters when it comes to choosing an auction service? Every year new companies come and go in the liquidation and auction industries.  Some of these companies have some new and clever ideas.  Others have great new marketing ideas.  Many of these companies talk about all of their years of experience.  Experience is easy to state on a web page.  How is one supposed to know what is true?  Does experience really matter?

There is no substitute for experience.

To be sure, if  you are looking to close a store or remodel a store or relocate a store the company, you have the power to make the difference between a smooth project or a rocky or even tragic outcome. Accordingly. you need to find a company that is fully insured.  This includes Worker Compensation and Liability Insurance for at least 3 million per occurrence.  Many startup companies fail to obtain these very basic coverages due to their costs.

Why experience should matter?

If you were to hire a company that fails to keep these coverages in place the liability would fall on you. If one of their laborers gets hurt on the job without workers compensation the injury costs and the lost wages could come from your checkbook. Also, you need to ensure that the workers they have on staff are employees covered by the workers compensation and not a 1099 (cash) worker hired off the street.  With this in mind, even if the company has a worker’s compensation policy it will not cover 1099 workers as they are not employees.

Systems matter.

When you are looking for your next liquidation and auction partner request to see a copy of their on-site check list.  How are they planning to help you manage your project?  There are many service providers that “will just get it done.”  However, do they have the systems in place to provide the excellent customer service you are going to want to see.  Is there a scope of work?  Do they offer project team meetings to ensure that the plan is complete?

How are they going to pre-market your equipment to ensure the best return on investment?  When the sale starts how large is their marketing database?  How are their monitor and control systems to maintain and control the project? Do they have a communication plan?  Do they have a risk management plan?  Do they have safety protocols in place?  How and when does the client get paid at the conclusion of the project?

An experienced auctioneer will be able to offer you all of these items in writing.  Therefore, if a company does not offer you these in writing,  are you willing to put your ROI in their hands?

SAM Auctions has the experience you need!

SAM Auctions has been in business for over 30 years. With over 1400 auctions and over 2000 liquidation and service projects over the years we consequently have the experience to help you obtain the best ROI for your assets. We have 5 million in liability insurance and a worker’s compensation policy that is current.  We have all of the systems in place mentioned above.  Whether you are looking to close, remodel or relocate your business trust that SAM Auctions will offer you a professional and experienced team ready to help you obtain the best possible return.

Give us a call or email without delay to find out more: 1-877-726-2828 or sales@samauctions.com.

The quote of the week:  The only source of knowledge is experience.

– Albert Einstein

Make it the best week yet!

Scott and the experienced team at SAM Auctions.