SAM Auctions Insights Blog

SAM Auctions Insights Blog

The SAM Auctions team offers up information on the advantages and savings that can be realized through auctions and liquidations. Get bottom-line information on how you can save time and money with SAM Auctions!

The Year in Review

Hello Friends, 2022 is coming to a close and what a year it was! A few items from the news were the Winter Olympics, Queen Elizabeth's 50th Jubilee and passing, the continuation of COVID, shockwaves in the Social Media world, the MLB lockout, Russia, Hurricane Ian, and the Mauna Loa Volcano. This was also [...]

Feeling the Effects of Retail Theft?

Hello Friends, It has been another busy news cycle over the past month. The election, the war with Russia, North Korea missile launches, the China cold war and the list goes on.  Retail theft has also continued to be in the news. Many of these news stories have a huge impact on business sales and business profitability. These types [...]

Changing Times for Retail Operators

Hello Friends, The last couple of years have provided their fair share of stress for retail operators and small business owners alike. We've had to deal with the many effects of Covid. Working from home has become the norm in many cases. Supply chain interruptions continue to wreak havoc. Nationwide staffing shortages have popped [...]

Sense of Urgency

At SAM Auctions our lighting quick turnaround and sense of urgency on projects stands out in the industry! Our focus on priority enables us to typically have our people onsite within a day or two.  We make ourselves accessible to our customers when they need us to be accessible. Rather than say no, we [...]

How to Deal with Distressed Assets

In an ever-changing economy, many companies can develop a distressed asset issue. The current increasing interest rate market can cause many companies to find themselves dealing with higher Interest payments on their lines of credits. Additionally, the increased line of credit payments, legal and tax issues, and bankruptcies can cause additional distressed assets. Reduce Your Lease Footprint [...]

From Water Parks to Stadiums – We Do it All!

At SAM Auctions we are well known for our auctions and liquidations in the grocery and restaurant industries. But did you know that we also offer our services to a wide variety of other businesses and venues? We’ve done everything from water parks to stadiums! These are a few of the more unique establishments [...]

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