SAM Auctions Insights Blog

SAM Auctions Insights Blog

The SAM Auctions team offers up information on the advantages and savings that can be realized through auctions and liquidations. Get bottom-line information on how you can save time and money with SAM Auctions!

Surplus Equipment — A Solution!

Recent years have seen an explosion in supply chain issues for the grocery industry. Delayed production, empty shelves and extraordinarily long wait times for needed equipment have sent shock waves near and far. In addition to problems with the supply chain, many businesses are having hard times due to lack of dependable employees, dwindling [...]

No Substitute for Experience

Hello Friends, Do you think experience matters when it comes to choosing an auction service? Every year new companies come and go in the liquidation and auction industries.  Some of these companies have some new and clever ideas.  Others have great new marketing ideas.  Many of these companies talk about all of their years [...]

Nationwide Reach – Why it Matters

Hello Friends, Do you have excess equipment lurking in your back rooms or dark stores? You may be asking yourself what to do with these extra assets. Perhaps you’ve considered Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or even a local auction house. While these may be good options if you have a limited amount of equipment, an auction company [...]

Solutions for Property Managers!

Property Managers across the nation are constantly left with excess store fixtures and equipment when a former tenant moved out from their space.  We would like to propose a solution that can offer you some added return on investment. Surplus Asset Management is the Nation’s Premier Store Fixture liquidator and Auction House.  We have [...]

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