A slogan frequently seen associated with SAM Auctions is “Built on Trust”. In our latest video, the SAM Auctions Management Team discusses how honesty and transparency are core values of our company. It specifically showcases how our open communication with buyers and sellers earns us their continued trust.

Our VP of Sales and Business Development, Scott Hoek says, “When you’re doing a transaction with an auction company you want to know up front what those costs are going to be…We believe our customer should be able to get paid what their agreement states the customer should get paid.”

A Transparent Process from Start to Finish

At SAM Auctions, our entire process is transparent. Once we reach an agreement, the store is set up for an auction and the consigner is able to see the entire online catalog and make any needed changes to the inventory.

No Hidden Agendas

During the auction, there are no hidden agendas. Everything is recorded and archived so the consigner is able to be in the know regarding what price every item sold for.

It’s our policy that consignors have real time access to ongoing expenses and sales throughout the duration of the project. When the auction comes to a close, we settle everything that day. A report gets sent to the consigner in a timely manner so they can see the full description of who bought what and what it sold for.

Customer Care You Can Trust

Nothing is hidden from our buyers and sellers. Everything we do is done with fairness and consistency. All in all, we  do what we say we’re going to do, meet our deadlines, and have excellent results.

With over 30 years of experience we know how to care for our customers long term. We invite you to reach out today and experience how we truly are “Built on Trust”. See for yourself how our honesty and transparency can help you get the highest return on your surplus equipment!

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