We are excited to celebrate Earth Day on Friday April 22, 2022 with the release of our latest video that showcases the importance of sustainability.

Check it out here:

Every Day is Earth Day

SAM Auctions does not believe that Earth Day is just another day on the calendar.  We pride ourselves on our own sustainability initiatives.  Sustainability is something we strive to do. This isn’t something that we need to learn how to do.  It is already incorporated in our various business systems. This is something we’ve been doing a long time.  We consider ourselves to be the industry experts in sustainability.

John Lines stated that, “Sustainability is something that’s very important to me. Whether reselling the used equipment or recycling, my goal is keeping items out of the landfill. Over the years, I have been pushing a lot of our clients to look at every project through the lenses of sustainability. Perhaps it is as simple as saying, don’t call this a dumpster anymore, call it a recycle bin. It’s the exact same bin, but instead of taking it to the dump, you take it to the recycle yard.Instead of it costing you five hundred dollars to throw it in the landfill, you get five hundred dollars in money for taking it to the Recycle Yard.  So, it’s a win/win.

We pride ourselves on how many dumpsters we don’t use!  Our goal is to recycle as much cardboard and metals as we can. Our auctioneer Matt, recently stated, “It’s not just the good stuff in your store that has value, it is also the scrap metal. We have to find a home for that as well.  We are very good about using as few waste containers as possible at our auctions.”

Recycle Everything. Save the World!

This week’s quote comes from John Lines: “We’re a disposable society and that’s terrible.  It’s good for us as an auction company as we get a lot of work that way.  However, throwing stuff away is bad for all of us. Especially the younger generation.  We need to get better at recycling and repurposing our stuff.  It helps me sleep better at night knowing that we actually just didn’t throw things that were recyclable in the trash can.”

Recycle everything you can.  It is good for you and the company you work at.  It is going to help save the world!

Make it the best week yet!  

Scott and the Team at SAM.