Recent years have seen an explosion in supply chain issues for the grocery industry. Delayed production, empty shelves and extraordinarily long wait times for needed equipment have sent shock waves near and far. In addition to problems with the supply chain, many businesses are having hard times due to lack of dependable employees, dwindling sales, and store closures.

A Grocery Solution!

Here at SAM Auctions, we’ve been able to help minimize some of these issues by assisting grocery retailers with equipment auctions and/or liquidations. Our extensive database of over 40K individuals across the country enables our buyers and sellers to connect and exchange equipment seamlessly.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We have vast experience cleaning out grocery stores, warehouses, distribution centers, office complexes, and more! With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we are eager to help you just like we helped Chrisopter Connaughton, Purchaser for Fresh & Easy. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with us: “SAM Auctions was nothing short of a life-saver for us. We had approximately 50 stores that needed all the equipment removed in a very short period of time…They coordinated moving hundreds of truckloads of equipment, cleaned out all the stores leaving each one broom swept, sorted everything, and managed all warehousing, logistics and sales of all the excess equipment. SAM Auctions is flexible, responsive, reliable, and trustworthy.”

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Curious how your surplus equipment could become a great profit center for you? Reach out today and find out how our professional and experienced team can customize a solution for you! We also offer a referral bonus for any projects you help send our way. We pay 5% of the margin on any project that we end up signing as a result of your contact.

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