Sense of Urgency

At SAM Auctions our lighting quick turnaround and sense of urgency on projects stands out in the industry! Our focus on priority enables us to typically have our people onsite within a day or two.  We make ourselves accessible to our customers when they need us to be accessible. Rather than say no, we [...]

How to Deal with Distressed Assets

In an ever-changing economy, many companies can develop a distressed asset issue. The current increasing interest rate market can cause many companies to find themselves dealing with higher Interest payments on their lines of credits. Additionally, the increased line of credit payments, legal and tax issues, and bankruptcies can cause additional distressed assets. Reduce Your Lease Footprint [...]

SAM Auctions: Built on Trust

A slogan frequently seen associated with SAM Auctions is “Built on Trust”. In our latest video, the SAM Auctions Management Team discusses how honesty and transparency are core values of our company. It specifically showcases how our open communication with buyers and sellers earns us their continued trust. Our VP of Sales [...]

Surplus Equipment — A Solution!

Recent years have seen an explosion in supply chain issues for the grocery industry. Delayed production, empty shelves and extraordinarily long wait times for needed equipment have sent shock waves near and far. In addition to problems with the supply chain, many businesses are having hard times due to lack of dependable employees, dwindling [...]

No Substitute for Experience

Hello Friends, Do you think experience matters when it comes to choosing an auction service? Every year new companies come and go in the liquidation and auction industries.  Some of these companies have some new and clever ideas.  Others have great new marketing ideas.  Many of these companies talk about all of their years [...]

SAM Referral Bonus

Hello Friends, Happy Spring! Over the last few months I have been able to reflect on life. One of the reflections has been the amount of people I have come into contact with. We all know other people that are in business. As I have also learned in my career, there are good times [...]

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