Written By S. Hoek

Over the past 20 plus years, I have traveled the country and had a chance to meet a lot of great, store owners and/or managers. Typically, we take tours of their stores and warehouses. I have seen some crazy things in my career!

One of the items that I have seen many times is back-rooms filled with store fixtures and excess equipment. In a number of these visits, the warehouses are filled with the same equipment.  Many times these items are covered in dust.

One observation I have made over the years in regards to excess equipment is that it is not like fine wine.  It does not get better with age!  Typically, most of this equipment depreciates, and also as a result of just sitting it starts to show more signs of its age.

Many times when I ask the simple question of what is the plan for your equipment the answer is “I am not sure what to do with this equipment”.  Many times the equipment no longer fits the specs of the stores.  Perhaps, the item is broken or missing a piece or two.  Maybe the plan was to use this equipment in a future store remodel.  What every the reason my answer is typically the same.  “Turn these assets into cash!”

You can hire your local equipment dealer.  However, they typically offer you 5 cents on the dollar or less.  I would suggest that you consider a national liquidator and auction company.  Surplus Asset Management (SAM) is one such company!!  If you have enough equipment you may consider an auction.  Perhaps, this equipment could be shipped to another auction coming up in your area.  We can offer both on-line only and later this year live and on-line auctions if you prefer.  At SAM we would also consider a cash offer to buy it now price that will be higher than the local company and offer you certainty.

At SAM Auctions we have a nationwide presence with a customer database of over 44k auction buyers and a full-time in-house sales team with a database of additional end-users and dealers to ensure you receive the best return on your investment.  Our professional sales team is headed up by Karen.  Her email is karen@samauctions.com.

Our professional teams are located across the nation.  We can go to your location and professionally pack the equipment to be sent to the customers.  We make the process simple!  One-stop shop for all of your store fixtures and warehouse equipment needs!

If you have excess equipment and are not sure what to do with it please reach out to me today!  I will give you a no-obligation opinion of value.  I would be happy to discuss the best form of sale for your project.

Here’s hoping you have a great summer!

Be well!