Written by S. Hoek

In almost two decades in the store fixture industry, I have frequently been asked if purchasing pre-owned store equipment is worth the hassle?  After all, it may have a few dents, dings, and scratches.  You may even have to clean it!  I would suggest that in spite of the minimal amount of extra work you may need to do, in many cases it is worth it.

New store fixtures get more expensive year after year.  The price always fluctuates up and down depending on the cost of steel in the marketplace.  Typically, the used market pricing has stayed flat.  Basically, the cost of new fixtures over the years has far exceeded the rate of inflation.  The cost of used equipment has typically been closer to the rate of actual inflation.

Time Frame is also critical when opening a future location.  Most new manufactures of store shelving, pallet racking, garment racks, forklifts are all having supply chain interruptions.  As many of you are aware this causes month’s long delays. These supply chain delays cost the retailer real money.  Typically, used equipment can be in your location in a week or two. As a matter of fact, you purchase from an auction or liquidation you can typically have your equipment in your location the same week!

Depreciation is also an issue.  When you purchase new equipment you not only are paying a premium for the new fixtures, in many cases you are also being charged a steel surcharge.  With used fixtures someone else has already taken the nearly 50% of the depreciation,  there is never a steel surcharge!

Typically, I will remind potential buyers of used equipment that your shelves will be filled with merchandise anyway.  Any scratches or dents typically will be covered by your products, never to be seen by your customer!

Can you get exactly what I want?  From time to time this can be tricky.  However, with the right equipment dealer the answer in many cases is yes.  If you would like a suggestion on reputable dealers feel free to reach out to me at scott@samauctions.com.  After more than 20 years I can tell you who you can trust and who you need to be careful of.   I would also ask you to consider if “what you want” is really also “what you need”?  Meaning even if a fixture is not exactly what you wanted, would it work?  In many cases you are saving 50 to 75% off the cost of new!  Perhaps something close would do the trick.

What is the best way to buy used?  Typically you will be required to pay for your purchase before it ships.  I would check out the Google reviews before writing that check!  I would talk with others in your industry that have used pre-owned equipment.  Again, I would be happy to consult for you if you have questions.

At SAM Auctions we have many warehouse locations around the country where we store pre-owned super market, restaurant, Lozier, and Madix shelving and tear drop pallet racking.  Please reach out to Karen at karen@samauctions.com for more details! Karen and I have worked together for a number of years and she can be trusted to help you with your projects.   Also, as an added service for our clients’ we provide a broker service. meaning, we will find your fixtures!  We will secure them on your behalf and ship them to you!  Don’t let used fixtures be complicated! Let Surplus Asset Managment make used fixtures buying easy

SAM Auctions buys and sells used store fixtures!  Call us today — 877.726.2828!