Written by S. Hoek & K. Dubinko

In our previous blog post we discussed the marketing strategies that set SAM apart from the crowd.

Now, we want to familiarize you with the nuts and bolts of some of these strategies. First up is our 3rd-party auction partner Proxibid.

So what exactly does Proxibid do? As described on their website: “At Proxibid, we connect buyers and sellers. It’s that simple, really. What started as an add-on for auction companies has blossomed into the leading online Marketplace for highly valued items.”

Proxibid is an expansive, easy and safe platform to host your auction. With more than 13,000 new buyers every month, they provide a bustling marketplace with buyers from over 190 countries!

Registering to bid is a fast and easy process for bidders. Your bidder only needs to register once and they can bid in any future auction.

Proxibid is also a safe space for both buyer and seller. They foster a trusted buying environment by implementing a proprietary risk mitigation tool, Marketguard™, which assesses a prospective bidder’s ability to complete a transaction. Also, all payment information is kept safe and secure via their integrated payment system, VPN.

In addition to their expansive reach and secure technology they also offer a variety of online solutions customized for the auction seller experience including: account management, logistics, customer support, enhanced marketing, and more!
We are proud to partner with Proxibid and are certain you will also appreciate their dynamic and streamlined marketplace!

Be sure to browse our current auctions to see for yourself what an amazing platform Proxibid is!

Until next time,

Scott & Kate